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Chicago World Champs Br
Chicago World Champs Br

About: The ultimate in comfort and intensely soft, our Premium Tri-Blend shirt is our most popular apparel style! This vintage graphic tee has knitted striations similar to your comfy P.E. t-shirts when you were young. They have a 1×1 bound crew collar and are constructed of 50% Poly, 25% Cotton, and 25% Rayon.
Fit: Slim fit – fabric is laundered for reduced shrinkage
Care: Wash inside-out with cold water, tumble dry low
GenniShirt brought something great for art lovers: singer, actor, band t-shirts. Within a year, we had offered a wide variety of bands, along with a line of rock band inspired clothing. Continuing to expand, we discovered that our customers are also attracted to animated films, theater and television films, famous actors and singers. So we put the world of music and movies, actors, singers, quotes and so much more into GenniShirt.
Teefox store, all the t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, tank tops, mug that you could be looking for. With a best 7 of Sport, movies, characters, quotes…

Teefox is an exclusive store for the world’s best animal themed apparels such as lion, donkey, mouse and so on. Teefox Shop makes sure to offer customers the high-quality trendy apparels yet budget-friendly products as well as excellent customer service you can’t find anywhere else. We understand what Teefox shop takes to make your shopping experience a joy; that’s why we do everything we can to make sure you get not only the best prices, but the best service too. In fact, there is 75% of the designs produced by our artists, but 25% of the awesome design ideas come from you, our customers. Hence, if you think you’ve got a great idea, please send us your idea design via and there’s a good chance that you will be able to wear your coolest thoughts.