SNS Feature List

Feature List for SNS Users

Journal Write a journal.
Related Entry Write a journal relating to other members' journals.
Category Setting (Journal) Set a journal category.
Other Blogs Show a blog on other sites in your journal.
Journal Import Import a Movable Type file and
show it in your journal.
Update Alert You will be notified
every time a member added to the update alert updates his/her journal.
BBS Build your own BBS.
Review Write your reviews.
Schedule Take care of your schedule.
Messages Exchange messages.
Footprints See footprints left on your pages.
My Footprints Check the footprints you left.
You can remove them if you like. (Up to 10 monthly)
Footprint Mail You will be notified by an email when someone accessed your page.
My Favorites Bookmark and take care of members, journals, community topics, community events,
review BBS thread and notice messages.
Access Block Specify a user and block his/her access.
Community Make a community, join it and enjoy communication.
Community Footprints See footprints on a community.
Ranking Check the ranking;
number of accesses/friends/community participants and how lively each community is.
Inviting Friends Send an invitation to your friends.
Notice See notice messages from the SNS.
Questionnaire See SNS questionnaires and cast your vote.
FC2 Video Paste an FC2 video onto your journal or community entry.
Plugin MYページや自分が管理しているコミュニティトップに
RSS Reader Register and view RSS. Available for both PC and mobile.

*○ means an SNS owner can choose whether to indicate the functions or not.
Please go to the user management page for the setting.

Feature List for an SNS Owner

Functions Details
Member Management Manage SNS users.
Notice message, Questionnaire Write a notice message or make a questionnaire to show on an SNS.
E-mail Sending Management Write an email for users and take care of templates of each email function.
Inquiries Reply to inquiry emails and set a category for each inquiry.
Profile Set a profile heading.
Community Take care of a community you made.
BBS Set a BBS category.
Template Management
Mobile Template Management
Set an SNS design for PC and mobile.
Log-in Page Editing Edit a log-in page HTML.
Sponsor Banner Set a banner you want to show on an SNS.
Banner advertising is OK.
Image Management Take care of images that can be used on an SNS.
Function Setting Choose whether to indicate functions within an SNS or not.