Valentina Daniela Gonzalez Quiroz
I'm so happy and cheerful, always stay my dream, and train for it, i have so many skill, one is my good voice, i love sing, i'm good and original, i can dance so good, if i have a choreography, i have not class of dance so i don't know so much the tecnic dance but i try so hard, i can speak english, korean and spanish and now i start my japanes class, i was study nurses and bussines administration, i was 7 years consecutives the number 1 in my class and my number 1 in all my school, also i was in the top five in my city, i just live whith my dad, because my mother leave as when i was just 4 years old, now i'm try and trin so hard for go to korea and by a idol, i love so much music, and i want make my music carrer there, i'm not kpop fan, but i like how kpop fan are whith the kpop idol, so is for this, that i'm train about 3 years my skill for some audicition, i have confidence, also i have experience on the stage dancing and singing.
My mom family is original from China, so i look like asian girl, i think that's one thing because i love asian culture.
I'm good, if you are a producer or you ae looking for new artist for kpop industry just send me a e-mail, here-
thanks for read my history i have talent and i'm good
Ileana carmona
Hi guys
My dream is be a singer